Burning Man Porn Sex Rituals

Live porn and sex rituals are a defining feature of Burning Man. The Burning Man festival is notorious  for its…

How to Break Porn Addiction

Is porn addictive? How can you break porn addiction? Many secular experts now admit that porn addiction affects the brain…

Porn is Witchcraft

All porn is potent witchcraft, corrupting all who engage in it. It is a demonic spell, making the whole earth drunk with sexual sin and many souls will burn in the lake of eternal fire because of it.

Naked Church

She is naked, shamelessly prancing around on the altar, gyrating and showing her bare bottoms to an amused audience. Will anyone with sense rebuke her that she might repent? But she refuses to turn away from her naked worship! Oh how far the prostitute church has fallen.

Porn Psyop

Todays porn pysop warriors are no longer Playboy’s Hugh Hefner, they are men and most people have never heard of (Pornhub’s Fabian Thylman,Xvideos Staphane Michael Pacaud.) They own and control the multi billion dollar porn industry, supported by “advertisers.”

Lesbian Porn

“For the last several years, ‘Lesbian’ has remained the most viewed category of video on Pornhub throughout most of the world….Lesbian porn is by far the most popular category of videos viewed by women, and in fact it’s 151% more popular with women when compared to men.”

Goddess Worship Porn

A global revival of so called goddess worship has taken hold. It is influencing the emotions, motives, objective reasoning and ultimately the behavior of millions if not billions of people.
But what exactly is goddess worship? What is its purpose? What are the consequences of so called goddess spirituality?