Masquerade cult of Michael Job

Beware of Fake News Jesus, Michael Job. He is running a seductive masquerade cult of personality using sophisticated psyop techniques through mass media, propaganda, spectacles, arts and entertainment.

Michael Job is an accomplished seducer, masquerade and hypocrite. He is a shameless showman conman, profiting from gullible hearts, under the guise of “saving souls” with his masquerade gospel. He is a false messiah. Michael Job is fake news!

He plies his masquerade through a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization named JLYEM, an acronym for “Jesus Loves You Evangelistic Ministries.”

Do not encourage him or support Michael Job a.k.a “Fake News Jesus.”

The power working through him is that of mystery babylon and the antichrist spirit.

If you have encouraged him or supported him it is time to REPENT NOW of the deception. Those who want let us REPENT right away.


Dear LORD JESUS OF NAZARETH. I am a sinner, I have been deceived by a false christ. I have been deceived by the devil and his agents. Please disconnect me from the apostasy and deception. I reject and renounce satan and mystery babylon. Today I receive the TRUE JESUS WHO DIED FOR MY SINS ON CALVARY, WHO WAS CRUCIFIED AND ROSE AGAIN AND NOW SITS ENTHRONED IN HEAVEN ON THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD THE FATHER. I receive THE FATHER AND THE HOLY SPIRIT through THE REAL JESUS, WHO IS THE TRUTH, THE WAY AND THE LIFE. Please write and keep my name in the BOOK OF LIFE. Help me not to be deceived. Amen.