Nude Willow Smith Porn

Willow Smith, the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinket admits to watching hardcore pornography since she was 11 years old. She may soon be directing her own porn films as she was offered an opportunity to do so by Bree Mills, an award winning porn director.

Willow Smith is also a practicing satanic witch and magician. She admits to evoking demonic spirits into her music. She says so in a recent youtube interview with Beats 1 when talking about her new self titled album “Willow”.

She states, “I kind of wanted to bring that like spiritual vibe, Im talking about I evoked the spirit of the mother…

The evoking of demonic spirits is part of occult magic rituals meant to influence people and put them under a demonic spell.

The question is, what “spirit of the mother” is she evoking into her music?

In the lyrics of her song “Female Energy” she sings, “I know, I come from that planet that hit Tiamat

Tiamat was a babylonian idol goddess worshipped in ancient babylon symbolized as a serpent or dragon (satan). Tiamat was also associated with Marduk-Jupiter-Zeus.

The ritual worship of Tiamat and Marduk involved sorcery, sex magic, blood sacrifices and self deification. This is the religion of Willow Smith.

In another separate interview alongside her mother and grandmother she states her intent to engage in a threesome polyamorous sex relationship (sex magic).

I love men and women equally and so I would definitely want one man, one woman,” she said. “I feel like I could be polyfidelitous with those two people…Monogamy, I feel, actually inhibits you from learning those skills of evolving past those feelings of insecurity and jealousy.”

In response her mother Jada Pinket-Smith said, “Whatever makes you happy

Pinkett Smith also admitted in 2018 that she battled a demonic addiction to sex toys when she was younger.

I’ve had a lot of experience with sex toys — lots…I don’t think I used toys with a partner, but I did use toys a lot alone. I gave myself multiples first. Multiple orgasms. I was really into it at one point. Just because I was in an exploration state and I was abstaining from men. I actually think like I went through kind of an addiction too with it. One day I was like, enough, I was having like five orgasms a day. You can create so much pleasure, you just constantly want it.”

We are not judging the Smiths, it is not our place to judge. However, there can be no denying that Willow Smith and her family are under the influence of the spirit of mystery babylon the mother of harlots.

It is written and remains written;

“…in spite of your many sorceries
and all your potent spells.
You have trusted in your wickedness
and have said, ‘No one sees me.’
Your wisdom and knowledge mislead you
when you say to yourself,
‘I am, and there is none besides me.’
ISAIAH 47:9 &10

There is really only ONE WAY to break the MYSTERY BABYLON MAGIC SPELL.

“For all the nations have drunk
the maddening wine of her adulteries.
The kings of the earth committed adultery with her,
and the merchants of the earth grew rich from her excessive luxuries.”

Then I heard another voice from heaven say:
“‘Come out of her, my people,’
so that you will not share in her sins,
so that you will not receive any of her plagues;
for her sins are piled up to heaven,
and God has remembered her crimes…”
Revelation 18:3-5 (NIV)

Those who want to COME OUT OF HER, let us REPENT in JESUS NAME right away;

Say; Dear LORD JESUS. I have drunk the maddening wine of mystery babylon. I have fallen under her potent spell. I have committed adultery with her. Please forgive me. Disconnect me from the harlot spirit and all unclean spirits. Set me free from sin LORD JESUS. Cleanse me of all wickedness. I am receiving you right now LORD JESUS, as my LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, MY PRECIOUS MESSIAH. I am receiving the FATHER & THE HOLY SPIRIT through JESUS & I am born again in JESUS MIGHTY NAME. Please write and keep my name in the BOOK OF LIFE. Remember me when you establish your kingdom. Today I am born again and I reject and renounce satan. I reject and renounce mystery babylon. I reject and renounce all impure spirits. Thank you JESUS for setting me free. Please keep me in your name. Teach me your ways LORD JESUS and help me never to go back to mystery babylon or to succumb to its spells. AMEN.

May the LORD JESUS break the potent spell that is binding Willow Smith and her family and all who have repented here. Amen.


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