The World System

The world system!
The world system is a rigged system
The world system is a greed system
The world system profits liars and cheats
The world system is a prostitute system
The world system is mystery babylon

They don’t tell you the rules
The rat race is for the manipulative
For those who put obstacles,
In other peoples way!

The world system rewards seducers,
manipulators and cheaters,
who get away with fornication,
adultery and MURDER!

The honest hardest working run in vain
The honest fastest running are tripped
Those with no empathy get their way
Throwing others under the bus
running them over like dust

They prey on weaknesses and vulnerabilities
They seduce, manipulate and cheat!
They run and play dirty to have their way
They rig the system to get their share

The world system is a twisted system
Cheaters seem to get away with blame
Liars lie and have no shame
Seduce, distract, intimidate

The malevolent get their way
satisfying their wicked desires
at the expense of many lives

They sell souls to earn their share
Seducing, distracting, intimidating
& manipulating their way
to a fading crown of fortune, glory and fame!

Is it worth it?

In the end there is the victor and the victim
the victor is the victim
The seducer and the seduced
the seducer is seduced
The manipulator and the manipulated
the manipulator is manipulated
And the Overcomer
Who resists the temptation
Who resists the manipulation

There is only one way to OVERCOME
JESUS is the Truth, The Way, The Life
Run, come to Jesus and be Saved

Say, Dear Lord Jesus, Save Me
Blood of JESUS, Save Me!
Son of God, Save Me!
King of Kings, Save Me!
Lord of lords, Save Me!
Lion of Judah, Save Me!

Say, I receive you LORD JESUS
I repent of all sin
Make me a child of GOD
Save me from mystery babylon
Save me from the wicked one
Fill me with your Holy Spirit
Cover me with your Holy Blood
I am yours LORD JESUS
Save me! Amen.