Sex Toy DNA: Everything you need to Know

Why is a child’s DNA on a Sex Toy? How did Sex Toy DNA match that of a child?

Children are now being encouraged to use sex toys. Some parents even gift their sons and daughters sex toys for birthday presents.

The list of popular sex toys include vibrators: clitoral vibrators, rabbit vibrators, g-spot vibrators,vibrating love eggs,speculums, but plugs, dildos, anal beads, nipple clamps, cock rings etc.

One Jacob M. Appel even said, “I cannot say whether more Alabama women own vibrators than own Bibles. If I were guessing, I would suspect that a majority derive more use out of the vibrators. Certainly more pleasure… On the list of items that I might not want children to be exposed to in stores—guns, matches, poisons, junk food—sex toys are way down the list.

Billed as “body safe sex toys”, many of them are however at the center of manipulative and violent sex crimes.

Let us examine the evidence;

Case: State of Iowa vs. Brittany Beek
Case Details:
On May 10, 2016, two juvenile girls, S.R. and K.S.-H., respectively sixteen and fifteen years old at the time, ran away from a youth shelter. The following day, while they were still on the run, S.R. contacted Beek, a twenty-seven year old, for a place to stay.
Beek picked the girls up and eventually transported them to her home. That evening, the three of them watched a movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, in Beek’s bedroom and “hung out until about one or two in the morning.” In the night, Beek pursued sexual activities with the girls, inserting a dildo into S.R.’s vagina and using a pink vibrator and glass dildo on K.S.-H.
Both girls unequivocally testified at trial that Beek inserted the various sex toys in their vaginas…The division of criminal investigation performed DNA testing on two of the sex toys. S.R.’s DNA was found on one of the toys. Two DNA profiles were found on the other toy, one belonging to Beek.

Case: Robert John Thede vs. State of Iowa
Case Details:
Sixty-year-old Thede started to spend more time with his teenaged granddaughter in the summer of 2013. She sometimes stayed overnight at his house, and he provided her gifts, including a laptop, clothes, and a dog. He also bought her lingerie, a vibrator, and “orgasmic gel” from Spencer’s Gifts. Thede freely discussed sexual matters with his granddaughter, suggesting she should be “having more of a fun sex life.” He encouraged her to have sex with a certain seventeen-year-old boy he chose for her and “tried talking to [her] about having sex with adults.” In early August 2013, during one of his granddaughter’s visits to his house, Thede told her he needed a haircut. On his concrete patio outside a sliding glass door, the granddaughter shaved Thede’s head with an electric razor. He then told her “it would be fun if [she] were to shave his genitals.” Although she “felt very creeped out” and uncomfortable, she acceded to her grandfather’s wishes and shaved the hair around his anus, penis, and scrotum. She testified: “I did not touch him at all when this had
happened. . . . [H]e had spread his butt cheeks for me to shave his anus.” She further testified her grandfather moved his penis while she was shaving his pubes. Her cousin and another teenaged boy witnessed the shaving incident from inside the house; the cousin heard his grandfather saying “oh honey, right there” and recalled that Thede “seemed like he was enjoying” the experience.

Case: J.A Abuse
Case Details:
In July 2008, J.A. disclosed to her father that over a six-year period, beginning when she was seven, Potter had engaged in multiple instances of sexual contact with her… At trial, the Commonwealth presented the testimony of a medical expert who described the physical condition of J.A.’s hymen,
including a description of some thinning and one tear. The expert also postulated that its appearance may have been caused by the insertion of a finger, penis, or sex toy…Potter claims that the sex toy in question was not purchased until after J.A. was over the age of twelve.

Case Details:
Appellant continued hitting Victim. She continued to call out to her daughter until Appellant hit her face and held his hand over her mouth and nose, cutting off her air so she could not breathe. Appellant went into the closet, retrieved a “sex toy,” and said to Victim, “I’m gonna teach you.” Appellant hit Victim in the face using the harder part of the sex toy, and began to insert it into her
vagina. Victim testified at trial that the sex toy hurt as it went in. Appellant gripped Victim’s neck, choking her, and said, “Right now I am deciding whether or not to kill you . . . .” Appellant then said “I’m gonna make you suffer first.” Appellant put his full body weight against Victim, punched her in the stomach, and continued to insert the sex toy into her vagina. The violence continued until almost seven in the morning, when Appellant fell asleep and Victim was able to text a friend to call 911.

Case: KB Abuse by Defendant and DC, STATE OF NEW JERSEY v. M.E.D.
Case Details:
During the two subsequent encounters, defendant and D.C. performed vaginal and oral sex in front of K.B. Defendant and D.C. taught K.B. “how to use sex toys such as a vibrator and a dildo.” Defendant held K.B.’s legs open while D.C. inserted a sex toy into K.B.’s vagina.Defendant and K.B. also took turns performing oral sex on D.C. K.B. also engaged in sexual conduct with defendant two times when D.C. was not present. Defendant masturbated while
watching pornography. Defendant “had a dildo that also had a built-in vibrator mechanism on the top of it.” Defendant inserted the sex toy into K.B.’s vagina. K.B. testified, “When I was hesitant about necessarily how far to stick it in, [defendant] came over and said, here, let me show you how far you should, and then pushed it in further into my vagina.”

There are many similar cases of violent sex crimes involving sex toys.

When one follows the evil desires of their heart, they are essentially disobedient to God and living in ignorance of God.

It is written, “As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance.” 1 Peter 1:14


Believe IN JESUS By FAITH and Say this prayer.
“Dear Jesus, My Lord and King. I repent of walking in the realm of the flesh. I repent of walking after sensual gratification and self indulgence. I repent of forsaking the will of God. I repent of sexual sin and idolatry. I repent of lies. I repent of dabbling in the occult knowingly and unknowingly. I repent of doing the will of satan. I repent of having become a body of mystery babylon. Please forgive me LORD Jesus. Disconnect me from the HARLOT OF BABYLON. Disconnect me from the carnal mind. Please give me the MIND OF THE SPIRIT. Come into my heart and be my LORD AND SAVIOR. Drive out all impure spirits in me. Send me your Holy Spirit and fill me with your Holy Spirit. Teach me to live in accordance with the will of God. Please write and keep my name in the Book of Life of the Lamb of God and remember me when you establish your Kingdom. Today I receive you LORD JESUS and I am born again. Amen.”


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