Where does goddess worship originate?


The first sexual act on earth was the union of Adam and Eve.

Adam made love to his wife Eve,and she became pregnant and gave birth to Cain. She said,“With the help of the Lord I have brought forth a man.” Genesis 4:1-2

Eve did not say with the “help of the goddess” but “with the help of THE LORD” she brought forth a man.

So where does goddess worship come from?

It came from satan and fallen angels who taught occult knowledge to man.
Satan lied to Eve, “and you shall be as gods” This was one of the greatest lies ever told and Eve bought into the lie. That very lie was the origin of the goddess worship and all idol worship.

The human race was also corrupted through the agency of a group of fallen angels who perverted sexual union with daughters of men and a new race of hybrids arose on earth, whose spirits became evil spirits.

It is written, “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them.They were the heroes of old,men of renown.”Genesis6:12

The Nephilim deified their mothers as goddesses since they originated from them and also deified their fathers the fallen angels. Thus the religions of goddesses and gods gained much traction, resulting in much wickedness which brought upon Noahs flood.

Thus goddess worship is of satanic, fallen angels and nephilim origins and mankind accepted this lie as truth, hence exchanging the glory of THE LIVING God for idols.

The catholic marry is “goddess worship”. It is the ancient idol worship of inanna, ishtar, aphrodite,venus in a “Christianized” form. It is an abomination and is at odds with THE LIVING GOD JESUS. It is sin like porn.

The catholic idol christ which they depict on images and sculptures is a continuation of the cult of baal,zeus,jupiter etc. It has nothing to do with JESUS. The LIVING GOD hates all idols.

If you have been mistakenly worshiping and venerating idols, today you must choose wether to continue worshiping the lie or to turn to THE ONLY TRUTH and be saved by JESUS.

Those who want let us REPENT right away. Say,
Dear Lord Jesus. Only you are the Messiah send to save mankind. Only you JESUS are the truth, the way,the light and the life. I repent of idolatry. I repent of the occult. I reject every idol that has been made or will be made. I renounce satan. I renounce the impure spirits. I renounce mystery babylon the harlot. Please create in me a new heart, LORD JESUS. Create in me a new heart with no wicked desires. A new heart that fears JESUS and THE FATHER, who are ONE GOD, LORD ALMIGHTY and THE HOLY SPIRIT. I receive you right now LORD JESUS, MIGHTY FATHER AND PRECIOUS HOLY SPIRIT and I am born again. Amen.