Woman you are not God!

Woman, you are not God! How can you say “At the moment of conception, you are God yourself. You personify God…

How can you deify yourself and exalt yourself?

Woman, you are not God!

Your vagina is not God

Your womb is not God


Woman, there is only but ONE GOD!

His name is JESUS of Nazareth

He shed his blood for you on a bitter calvary cross

He died for our sins

Yet you ridicule and reject him!


Woman, How dare you call yourself god?

Get down from your false apotheosis altar

Get rid of your falsehood and pride

Do not hold on to your hypocritical traditions

Receive Salvation, Only Jesus is Salvation


Woman, you deny GOD and make yourself a god?

Oh how you have fallen!

You have listened to the serpent like Eve

“ye shall be as gods…,” he said

And you believe that lie!


Woman, How dare you call yourself God!

Woman, you are not God!

Wail, repent of your wickedness

Turn away from your evil before its too late