Pornstar Penis Breaks Twice on Shoot

The penis of a pornstar broke twice during porn shoots.

Instead of repenting of the wickedness, the porn star whose stage name is blasphemous had the following to say;

“Thank you Jesus. He gave me the ability to come back and be this strong for three years. I actually won more awards on a broke dick than I did when my dick was fine,” said Prince Yashua.

His co-porn star Bethany Benz said it looked like a horrifying murder scene and she has never seen that much blood in her life. She also mentioned that “Prince” could have bled to death because of his injury, if he did not get immediate treatment.

Despite the injury, Prince wanted to go back to shoot porn and despite his doctors advice not to do so. He ended up have to funraise $32,000 for surgery and medical expenses.

Are you addicted to porn? The consequences are deadly. There is only one way to break porn addiction.

BREAK PORN ADDICTION NOW and STOP patronizing porn. Refuse to be part of the exploitative and manipulative porn industry!

say “Dear Jesus, My Lord and King. I repent of walking in the realm of the flesh. I repent of walking after sensual gratification,porn and self indulgence. I repent of forsaking the will of God. I repent of sexual sin and idolatry. I repent of lies. I repent of dabbling in the occult knowingly and unknowingly. I repent of doing the will of satan. I repent of having become a body of mystery babylon. Please forgive me LORD Jesus. Disconnect me from the HARLOT OF BABYLON. Disconnect me from the carnal mind. Please give me the MIND OF THE SPIRIT. Create in me a new heart that has no evil desires. Come into my new heart and be my only LORD GOD ALMIGHTY AND SAVIOR. Drive out all impure spirits in me. Send me your Holy Spirit and fill me with your Holy Spirit. Teach me to live in accordance with the will of GOD. Please write and keep my name in the Book of Life of the Lamb of God and please remember me when you establish your Kingdom. Today I receive you LORD JESUS, MIGHTY FATHER AND PRECIOUS HOLY SPIRIT and I am born again. Amen.”


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