Friend, your ATTENTION is very important. It can make or break your relationship and faithfulness to JESUS. Sadly, many give their attention to their evil desires instead and so are separated from GOD.

Its ALL about JESUS

FRIEND, are you aware, there is the first birth and the second birth.  Have you been born again? There is the first life and the second life. Will you enter the second life?There is the first death and the second death. Will you overcome death? There is the first earth and the second earth. There is the first heaven and the second heaven. Will you inherit the new heaven and new earth?

Poop Porn Problem

Porn has degenerated to a new low. People are paying to watch others poop, smearing poop, eating poop and even bidding and buying poop as a novelty item. Surely, Who will refuse to REPENT? The entire earth needs to REPENT before THE LORD.

Legal History of Porn; People vs Freeman

On the 1st of February 1989, The Supreme Court of California essentially legalized the making of hardcore pornography in California v. Freeman. Their landmark and historic ruling opened pandoras box, which today has degenerated into global internet pornography and is easily accessible to children.

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